Individualassignment 1below Arethetransactionsof Neel S Grocery Store For The Month 2295071

IndividualAssignment 1Below arethetransactionsof Neel’s Grocery Store for the month of October, 2016.You arerequired to post these transactions in thejournal and prepare relevant ledger accountsthereafter. Also, prepare atrial balancefor Neel’s Grocery Store.Oct 1st:Neel started business with a capital of 80,0003rd:Bought goods from Karl on credit 20,0004th:Sold goods to Tarl 25,0005th:Cash purchases 25,0007th:Cash sales 15,0009th:Goods retuned to Karl 2,00010th:Bought furniture for 15,00011th:Cash paid to Karl 12,00012th:Goods returned by Tarl 3,00014th:Goods taken by Neel for personal use 3,00015th:Cash received from Tarl 12,00016th:Took loan from Parl 30,00017th:Salary paid 5,00018th:Bought stationery for 1,00019th:Amount paid to Parl on loan account 18,00020th:Interest received 4,000