Independence Regression And Correlation A Researcher Measures The Mean Uplink Bandwi 2224888

Independence, regression, and correlation A researcher measures the mean uplink bandwidth of ten desktop computers (in kbps), as well as their mean number of peer-to-peer connections over a period of 1 hour, obtaining the following data set

a. If the number of peers were independent of the uplink capacity, what is the expected number of peers?

b. Can we conclude, using the chi-squared test, that the number of peers is independent of the uplink capacity, at the 95% and 99.9% confidence levels?

c. Compute the regression of the number of peers on the uplink capacity. What is the slope of the best-fit line?

d. What is the correlation coefficient between the two variates? Does this reinforce your conclusions about independence or dependence?

e. What portion of the variation in the value of the number of peers can be attributed to the uplink capacity?