Incorporate The Following Memory Reference Instructions Into The Instruction 2406083

Incorporate the following memory-reference instructions into the instruction set of microprocessor discussed in class. You are required to draw the complete flowchart of the instruction cycle containing micro-operations of these instruction.
Instructions Description MACRO operation Opcode ADD Address Add the memory operand with ACC and store the result back to Memory M[address] € M[address] + ACC 0 INC Address Increment the memory operand M[Address] € M[address] + 1 1 JE Address Jump to address if DR register is equal to ACC If(ACC == DR) PC € Address 2 SR Address Store the contents of ACC, DR and TR in the memory on locations whose first address is specified in the instruction M[Address] € ACC, M[Address+1) € DR, M[Address+2) € TR, 3 RR Address Restore the values of ACC, DR and TR from memory ACC € M[Address], DR € M[Address+1), TR € M[Address+2] 4
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