In This Task You Compare And Contrast Rip And Ospf In The Following Points Routing A 3832245

Task 1: Protocol comparison (5%)
In this task, you compare and contrast RIP and OSPF in the following points:
? Routing approach
? Protocol structure
? Performance
? Advantages and disadvantages
? Application
The word count is limit between 500 – 1000 words. All reference sources should be listed
using IEEE referencing format. Direct copy and paste will graded zero (0).
Task 2: Network architecture analysis and redesign (15%)
In this task you will analyse the architecture of the network given in Fig.2.1
and write an analysis (500-100 words) about the potential problems of the given network.
Based on your analysis, redesign the network so that it can overcome the identified issues.
You also need to redesign the IP addressing plan for the network to match with new
network architecture. Currently, the network uses IP address range. The
number of PCs in each network is given as follow:
? Building A: 10 PCs,
? Building B: 20 PCs,
? Building C: 50 PCs and
CSC81001 – Computer Networks Assignment-1, 2019
? Building D: 20 PCs
The corporate network spreads over 4 building and IP network. The number of PCs