In This Research I Tried To Present A Case That Is Currently Incurring To My Organiz 2926759

How extra workload affects efficiency and employment satisfaction?
In this Research I tried to present a case that is currently incurring to my organizational setting where I work. Recently there is a change in management policy regarding cost. They have reduced staff but the work is same. As a result employee are facing problem with work overload. Workload mainly refers to the intensity of job assignments given to the employees by their employers. According to the existing research, employees’ workload is known to be a source of stress to the employees. (Robins, 1999) Defines stress as an active state of mind which human beings face from being subjected to some life constraints. When an employee develops work stress as a result of workload, the performance at work will also be expected to reduce as this affects both the physical and the psychological strength of the employees. In institutions, employees react differently to workload. Some of the employees can tackle the problem appropriately, but others cannot bear the destructions that the aspect of workload causes on them and thus can easily be overwhelmed by the effects of the workload. According to the research conducted by (Carbery & Garavan, 2007), it comes out that certain individuals working in different occupations have been increasingly exposed to unacceptable workload and thus become overly stressed while at work.