In This Paper You Are Going To Apply The Employee Engagement Concept To A Workplace 2868116

In this paper you are going to apply the employee engagement concept to a workplace with which you are familiar. Assume you are the Human Resources Director of your current employer or of a previous employer and you are asked to measure employee engagement of the organization’s workforce. You may choose to measure the engagement of all or only a specific class of employees such as sales associates, maintenance staff, or similarly defined occupational group. Be sure to clearly define your survey population.

  1. Identify at least two but not more than five elements of workforce engagement that are applicable to your organization.
  2. Explain why you selected these elements to be measured, i.e., how will knowing information about these elements affect how your organization will meet its goals or business strategy?
  3. Design a survey questionnaire that will help you measure your engagement elements. You are limited to 5 questions.
  4. How do you think the employees would respond to your survey and why? What engagement strategies would you propose that respond to your hypothetical survey responses? You will need to make some assumptions about the workforce’s responses to your survey. Please be clear about the bases of your assumptions.

Your paper must be a minimum of 500 words and submitted as an uploaded file.