In This Paper Students Will Review The Most Recent Annual Reports Of A Non U S Compa 2825270

In this paper, students will review the most recent annual reports of a non-U.S. company and a U.S. company. Select two companies that operate in the same industry.


1. Identify at least three financial statement disclosures on each annual report that are included in the FASB-IASB convergence project.

2. Explain and cite the disclosures made by the companies and include the annual report page numbers.

3. Research the FASB and IFRS accounting pronouncements and find the specific ones that support each of the disclosures in the company financial reports.

4. For each FASB and IFRS disclosure, summarize the complementary position taken by FASB or IASB and discuss how the accounting standards differ in the accounting treatment for that disclosure topic. Stick to the key points. Please include the pronouncement number.

Please ensure that your paper includes original exposition and interpretation of your research, and is not just a series of citations that were “cut and pasted” from your research sources.

Please ensure that your paper conforms to APA standards and includes citations for all sources used. Your paper will have a cover page and references page. The body of your paper will include an introduction paragraph, several analyses paragraphs, a conclusion paragraph, and a references page.