In This Lab You Will Write A Program For Reading Information From A Data File And Sa 2850965

In this lab you will write a program for reading information from a data file and saves a summary report into another data file. The summary report will include the average, the maximum, and the minimum value. A data file named ‘speed.txt’ contains a number of speed readings, the first record in the speed data file contains an integer that specifies the number of records that follow. Each of the following lines contains a time and speed reading.
10 0.0 132.5 0.1 147.2 0.2 148.3 0.3 157.3 0.4 163.2 0.5 158.2 0.6 169.3 0.7 148.2 0.8 137.6 0.9 135.9
The output of the problems should be saved into another data file, named ‘Outputtxts. With the following data:
Number of sensor readings: 10 Average reading: 149.77 Maximum reading: 169.30 Minimum reading: 132.5