In This Assignment You Will Write A Python Script To Increase The Population Of Each 3262194

In this assignment, you will write a Python script to increase the population of each city in the world_xdatabase by 10% (rounded).

First, add a new column to the world_xcity table using the following MySQL command:

  • ALTER TABLE `world_x`.`city` ADD COLUMN `Population` DOUBLE NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `Info`;

The existing population data are stored as JSONdatatype in the city table in a field named Info. You learned about JSON data types in Module 2. To obtain the population data from the Infocolumn in the city table, run the following MySQL command:

  • select info->’$.Population’ from city

Your Python script should do the following:

  • Copy the population data from the Infocolumn into the Populationcolumn,
  • Increase the population by 10% in the Populationcolumn, and
  • List the population before the increase and the population after it was increased.

Submit your Python script and Python script output as two separate text files included in a zip file. Submit your zip file