In This Assignment You Will Be Modelling A Water Tower Problem However The Main Goal 3910478

In this assignment you will be modelling a Water Tower problem. However the main goal is for you to try some introductory programming using Python. You will have access to much test data however your solution will be tested against additional trials. Your code will need to pass all tests to achieve full marks.Water towers are among the simplest yet ingenious methods to distribute water having been in use in some form since ancient times. More than simply calculating capacity or flow rate however, we can model how a tank can be filled and emptied. We will model a scaled down version of this problem. In our model, our water tank will have a single water flow inward, and a single flow outward and be perfectly cylindrical. The equation (1) below describe the volume of the water tower and difference equations (2) (3) mentioning the changes for volume and height of the water tower.