In This Assignment You Need To Work With Tries Red Black Trees And Priority Queues T 3819141

Brief description:
In this assignment you need to work with Tries, Red-Black trees and Priority queues. There
will be Four components of the assignment. The first three will check tries, red-black trees
and priority queues independently. The last part of the assignment will be a combination of
all the previous components.
1 General instructions
The grading will be done automatically. To ensure a smooth process, an interface will be
provided to you, which you are NOT suppose to change. Your solution classes will
implement these interfaces.
For each of the component, you will be given and input file, which will contain the
commands that your code must execute. As per the command, the program will produce
the output, which will be compared against an expected output for grading. Please ensure
that you follow the proper formatting criteria, failing to do so will results in 0 for that
particular component.
1.1 Code skeleton
You are provided with the skeleton of the code. This contains the interfaces and other
relevant information. Your task is to fill up the empty functions. The code also contains
driver code for all the components of assignment. These will be used to check the