In This Assignment We Are Going To Use A Modelling Program Called Pc1d To Investigat 3653730

In this assignment we are going to use a modelling program called PC1D to investigate the electrostatic variables and IV-characteristics of pn-junctions under equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions.
The following text is from a conference paper by H. Haug, et al. ‘A Graphical User Interface for Multivariable Analysis of Silicon Solar Cells Using Scripted PC1D Simulations’, Energy Procedia, Volume 38, 2013, Page 72.
“PC1D is one of the most commonly used modelling programs for simulation of crystalline semiconductor solar cells. The program uses a finite-element numerical method for solving the coupled nonlinear equations for carrier generation, recombination and transport in the device and can be used both for simulation of device performance and as a tool for new users to understand the fundamentals of solar cell physics.”