In This Assessment You Are Tasked With Conducting An Ecological Analysis Of A Fictio 3300556

Assessment Task
In this assessment, you are tasked with conducting an Ecological Analysis of a fictional case study (provided to you)
and preparing a written report. The specific ecological model you will adopt is Bronfenbrenner’s (1977) Ecological
Model of Human Development.
Based on the information in the case study provided (on page 3 of this document), for each ecological level proposed
by Bronfenbrenner (1977; microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, and macrosystem):
? identify what the interacting factors are that may shape the developing individual, using illustrative
examples from the case study to support your claims, and,
? speculate how these interacting factors may shape the developing individual; where necessary use
references to support your speculation.
The case study is a vignette, that is, a narrative that synthesises multiple accounts of peoples lived experiences.
Stories are drawn from a range of research and consultancy projects spanning the past 12 years examining issues to
do with mining, regional development, organisational settings, gender, and their intersection. To appraise its
authenticity, the case study was reviewed by an individual who has lived experience of working in the mining
industry and engaging in fly-in-fly-out rosters.
As part of your analysis, you are also required to reflect on relevant State and/or National Policy. You will conclude
the report with a reflection on the legal rights of the developing individual and speculate whether these rights have
been violated. This will require you to explore and identify relevant, contextually appropriate, and current State
and/or National Policy. In your response, you will need to include:
? a description of the policy and what it sets out to achieve,
? commentary on how the policy may support the needs and/or rights of the developing individual, and,
? based on the information contained in the case study provided, and, your understanding of the specific
policy, speculate as to whether the rights of the developing individual have been violated.
Academic writing is a skill, and the intended audience for your report is other academics. Given this, it can be
assumed that the reader is familiar with Bronfenbrenner’s (1977) Ecology of Human Development, and you will not
be awarded marks for providing definition of the Ecological Model of Human Development, or its levels.
Learning Outcomes
In this assessment you will demonstrate the following learning outcomes:
? Demonstrate application of ecological theory to family, community and work.
? Demonstrate knowledge of legislative frameworks that influence individuals, families, workplaces and
This assessment will help you to develop your skills in writing and thinking critically, and interpreting the complexity
of issues from an individual through to community level. You will also learn how to apply community psychology
theory to interpret community issues, and contemplate policy.