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The controller has asked you to compare? plant-wide, department, and? activity-based cost allocation. Acclaim Budgeted Information for the Year Ended November 30?, 2017 Forming DepartmentBasicDeluxeTotalDirect materials$60,000$35,000$95,000Direct manufacturing labor30,00020,00050,000Overhead costsSet up48,000General overhead32,000Assembly DepartmentBasicDeluxeTotalDirect materials$5,000$10,000$15,000Direct manufacturing labor15,00025,00040,000Overhead costsGeneral overhead40,000 Acclaim Inc. makes two styles of? trophies, basic and? deluxe, and operates at capacity. Acclaim does large custom orders. Acclaim budgets to produce 10,000 basic trophies and 5,000 deluxe trophies. Manufacturing takes place in two production? departments: forming and assembly. In the forming department, indirect manufacturing costs are accumulated in two cost? pools, set up and general overhead. In the assembly? department, all indirect manufacturing costs are accumulated in one general overhead cost pool. The basic trophies are formed in batches of 200 but because of the more intricate detail of the deluxe? trophies, they are formed in batches of 50. Requirement 1. Calculate the budgeted unit cost of basic and deluxe trophies based on a single? plant-wide overhead? rate, if total overhead is allocated based on total direct costs.? (Don’t forget to include direct material and direct manufacturing labor cost in your unit cost? calculation.) Start by calculating the total direct costs for the basic and deluxe trophies departments.  BasicDirect materials  Forming Assembly Total direct materialsDirect manufacturing labor Forming Assembly Total direct manufacturing laborTotal direct costs