I Read This Essay Called Quot Our Barbies Ourselves 306782

I read this essay called Our Barbies, Ourselves I did not understand please if you read it then I need help the quotation that I being giving form my teacher.

This is Quotation
1.What did you feel about this story? And how do you react to it?
2.“If Barbie was designed by a man.”Prager writes in her second paragraph, “Suddenly a lot of things make sense to me.” What are these “things and how do they relate to prager’smain idea? What is that idea?
3.What elements of Barbie does Prager analyze, and how does she reassemble these elements into a new whole? Support your answer with evidence from the essay.
4.Why id division or analysis essential for prager to make her claims about Barbie? Is analyze of BarbieÂ’s features important even to readers already familiar with the doll?