I Prefer Expertise In Supply Chain And Logistics To Answer My Assignment Please Befo 2840996

I prefer expertise in Supply chain and logistics to answer my assignment

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Warehouse Design and Management (BUSS1504) -Fall 2018 –CW1 -QP Case Study- Fall 2018 Level: 3 (6-UoW) Max. Marks: 100 Duration: 3 weeks Instructions to Student: ? Answer each question using the case as a reference point and relevant literature sources. ? Date of submission: As mentioned in the MIG ? Submission form: Soft copy to be submitted through Moodle at Turnitin. ? Late submission shall be penalised as per the norms of MEC mentioned in the Module Information Guide. ? Plagiarism policy is as per the MEC guidelines as mentioned in the Module Information Guide ? Marks obtained will be scaled down to 40 Standard Motor Products is reaping the benefits of introducing JIT cellular manufacturing to its molding and finishing operations in Long Island City, NY. “We’re avoiding hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in inventory costs overall for the five JIT’ cells’ that we’re operating,” says Ray Donovan, manager of computer-integrated manufacturing at the firm. “That savings goes right to our bottom line.” At the same time, work-in-process has been cut by 94 percent and floor space by 66 percent. Lead time has fallen from 20 days to 4 days for all products manufactured in the cells. Standard knew it had to slim down on finished goods inventory. But its reputation has been based on being able to fill 97 percent of all orders for all of its many products. But to do that, it kept large inventories in finished goods, at great cost to the company, in its 400,000 square-foot distribution center in Virginia. In its Long Island City plant, Standard manufactured products in a 75-year-old, six-story building. Two miles away was a 200,000 square-foot warehouse. The company stored finished goods, components, and raw materials there. Following the implementation of JIT, Standard eliminated the New York warehouse. The company now makes and stores raw materials and components in the factory. Page 1 of 6 BUSS (1504) QPWarehouse Design and…