I Need You To Solve This Case Follow The Requirement In The Question And In The Atta 2847642

i need you to solve this casefollow the requirement in the question
and in the attachment in chapter 13 you found the same stepplease follow the same solution of step in the chapter
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Case C Azzahra is a book publisher, publishes and distributes educational and non-educational books and sell them to libraries and bookstores within Saudi Arabia and in the Arabian Gulf Region (AGR). Azzahra employs a professional editorial team. All printing and binding activities are outsourced. The annual revenue total 250 millions Saudi Riyals which are disbursed as follows: In millions Cash Credit Total Total Customers Within Saudi 40 120 160 4680 From other AGR 10 80 90 2120 Total 50 200 250 7800 Cash expenditures are 150 million Saudi Riyals. Non-cash expenditures are 50 million Saudi Riyals. While revenues may be paid in different currencies, all processed out in the main center in Riyadh and using Saudi Riyal. Requirement Suppose you are a member of the professional editorial team and your task is to audit the revenue and accounts receivable. You probably would like to perform your audit in the following order: 1- Establish audit objectives 2- Determine the scope of the audit 3- Apply the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (expected outcomes). 4- Understand the auditee (gather relevant information, analytical procedures, control analysis, process flow, process risks) 5- Identify and assess risks 6- Identify key controls 7- Evaluate controls 8- Create test plan 9- Develop work program 10- Gather evidences 11- Evaluate evidences and reach conclusion 12- Develop observation and formulate recommendation.