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I need to do 3 assignment. The questions are related to each others. first you need to read Module 1 for assignment which i have attached below. and there assessment 3A, 3B and 3C as well.
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Module 1 Big Picture and Client Acceptance (3 Wks) Overview: The auditing and assurance profession The main reason for this first module is to make it clear how auditing fits within the larger public accounting profession and broader range of assurance services. You will learn about different types of assurance and audit services as well as the different levels of assurance each offers – the most important point being that no guarantees (or absolute assurances) are provided. You will learn about the alternative audit opinions that can be expressed, the important distinction in responsibilities of preparers and auditors, and consider why audits are even required. The significance of regulators to the governance of the profession and the role of the audit expectation gap in the need for regulatory intervention allows the importance of auditor independence and other matters of professional ethics to be explored. The significance of decided court cases on the responsibilities and legal liability of auditors is important to understand the central role of auditing standards. The way all these matters need to be considered in decisions about working with new and existing clients is explored. This is the ‘big picture’ providing the professional context in which the audit of a financial report process takes place. You are also introduced to the Lakeside Company case study which is embedded throughout the learning materials to illustrate the application of the principles. The financial report audit process and its application to the Lakeside Company case study is covered in the remaining three modules. You will find a copy of the diagram presented below at the beginning of each chapter of your text. The relevant section of the diagram being covered in each module is shown in colour coding below. You might find it a useful study aide to annotate the diagram with the relevant figures, tables, readings and Lakeside cases and exhibits that are applicable. This should provide a…