I Need Someone To Complete My Pending Course Leadership And Engagement You Have To L 3176500

I need someone to complete my pending course Leadership and engagement , You have to login into my account and Check 6 available units which have at-least 2 Tasks each (written questions and case studies/projects). You need to complete them all so around 12 Assignments that include (written questions and case studies/projects). I believe all of them would not be more than 10000- 12000 words in total. Few have no word count, If you can do these perfectly let me know, I do not want similarity of low quality work as this is my last chance to pass the course. If you are expert and familiar in writing assignments with all requirements it shall be easy for you cheers!
Kindly let me know if you are interested. I will share you my login details and link. Though it would take you around 40 hours to complete them all, however I would like to have them back by 30th June.