Have a new assignment. it requires editing and adding additional


have a new assignment. It requires editing and adding additional material to a recent paper I submitted. Here are the instructions:

1. Turn on Track Changes to edit document. (I have already started making edits based on the professor’s comments).

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2. Edit your Research Project to integrate your instructor’s feedback, discuss issues related to organizational behavior and day-to-day management in your study setting, explain the ethical considerations associated with your proposed study.

3. In particular, discuss the principles of organizational behavior (see the unit readings for an overview of these principles). Explain how these principles are related to the study setting in your proposed research project. Explain the organizational culture in the setting in terms of individuals, groups, leadership, management, goals and values. How might this organizational culture impact your proposed data collection process and the interpretation of the information collected?

4. Outline the steps that would be necessary to take to ensure that data collection was performed ethically and that human subjects would not be harmed in your proposed study. Be specific, explain the protections that you would put in place to ensure their safety and how you would inform study subjects of their rights and these protections.

5. Finally, review an additional five research studies on your topic and add the review of each to your Literature Review section.

The five additional research studies are attached. Basically you will review each study and summarized the study under the Literature Review section of the attached paper.

The references are attached.

More specifically, the five additional research studies should be a summary of the study and the findings. You will simply add them to the paper attached under the literature review section. When citing material from the studies, please include the page number for the citation.

also you Will include the adjustments the professor commented.

There are five studies so about 3-4 pages. You will be adding the pages to the paper attached with the track changes features