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        Given Data P12-07:                            AMALGAMATED GENERAL   CORPORATION                     Securities (bonds) held   10/1 (Kansas Abstractors, Inc.)  $3,00,00,000      Interest rate on bonds   (Kansas Abstractors, Inc.)   10%                     Additional information:                         2011               Oct. 18 Quantity of preferred   shares bought (Millwork Ventures Company)        Price of preferred shares   bought (Millwork Ventures Company)  $5,80,00,000    31 Semi-annual interest   obtained (Kansas Abstractors, Inc.)  $ 15,00,000                    Nov. 1 Bonds bought (Holistic   Entertainment Enterprises)    $1,80,00,000      Rate of interest of bonds   bought (Holistic Entertainment Enterprises) 10%   1 Sold bonds (Kansas   Abstractors, Inc.)                       Dec. 1 Bonds bought (Household   Plastics Corporation)         Rate of interest of bonds   bought (Household Plastics Corporation) 12%   20 U.S. Treasury bonds   bought      $ 56,00,000    21 Quantity of ordinary   shares bought (NXS Corporation)  40,00,000      Price of ordinary shares   bought (NXS Corporation)     23 U. S. Treasury bonds sold        29 Dividend obtained from   preferred shares (Millwork Ventures Company)  $ 30,00,000    31 Market price for each   share for preferred share (Millwork Ventures Company)  $ 27.50      Market price for each   share (NXS Corporation)      Fair value of bonds   (Household Plastics Corporation)        Fair value of bonds   (Holistic Entertainment Enterprises)        2012               Jan. 7 Sold ordinary shares (NXS   Corporation)