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Give the initial state, goal test, successor function, and cost function for each of the following. Choose a formulation that is precise enough to be implemented.a. You have to color a planar map using only four colors, in such a way that no two adjacent regions have the same color.b. A 3-foot-tall monkey is in a room where some bananas are suspended from the 8-foot ceiling. He would like to get the bananas. The room contains two stackable, movable, climbable 3-foot-high crates.c. You have a program that outputs the message “illegal input record” when fed a certain file of input records. You know that processing of each record is independent of the other records. You want to discover what record is illegal.d. You have three jugs, measuring 12 gallons, 8 gallons, and 3 gallons, and a water faucet. You can fill the jugs up or empty them out from one to another or onto the ground. You need to measure out exactly one gallon.