For program manager only quality plan analysis

Your analysis of the failed new employee orientation (NEO) project continues by examining the project with respect to quality. Review the following documents and analyze the approach used in the original project quality management plan and determine how well the final project deliverable met stakeholder expectations.

  • Organizational background and IT Governance.
  • Project background and other project plan documentation.
  • Description of the final deliverable or product as written in the project plan.

Further analyze the organizational structure and influences of the company to determine if additional project requirements are needed to improve the quality of the final deliverable or final product.

As part of this assignment, you are expected to complete the following tasks and discuss how each one will contribute to a successful project. Where necessary, define assumptions you made.

  • Evaluate quality standards defined for the failed project.
  • Recommend additional quality standards for the project.
  • Analyze the product quality using the selected quality standards.
  • Analyze the quality plan.