Film analysis 2 | Applied Sciences homework help

1.Use your film analysis assignment sheet to guide your completion of this assignment.  Your second film analysis should be on The Parallax View, our feature film for the week.

The Movie: The Parallax View(The Rubric is in the attachment)

2. Also after watching movie, there are several questions to answer

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This week Lumet discusses the Camera, lenses, and the absolutely critical role the camera plays.  As you watch our film this week notice how the Medium shot, in particular, is used to create and maintain visual tension in the film.  

For our discussion we will revisit plot and story:

  • Does our film conform to the Aristotelian Curve?  How/Why?
  • What is the “dilemma of magnitude” in The Parallax View?
  • Discuss the dramatic tension of our film using the four story elements.