Family development paper; family of diversity cultural assessment


You are to write an 8 page paper that demonstrates a thorough, scholarly assessment of three generations of your family, or another family that you know well. (Grandparents; parents; and you, your spouse, and children). Use research data you have learned this semester in your assessment of the family’s developmental stages. Supplement (support) your family information with at least 8 supporting scholarly references from MCCC electronic databases. Deadline: Assignment due Wednesday, April 15th at 6 PM (80 points)


Assessment is to be based on the following:
1. Family Composition (ages of family members, the family type (mom and dad, single parent raising kids, gay), number of children
2. The nature of the relationships among the various members of the 3 generations (describe the interaction style among family members).
3. Home and Community Environment (describe the characteristics of the home & neighborhood, the socioeconomic status of the family, what are the occupations).
4. Cultural/Religious Traditions (describe the family’s culture/ethnicity, religious History and/or traditions)
5. Family Functions (what member has/had the major responsibility for child care, describe how the family provides for the children with regard to security/survival, emotional support/affection, social development, self-esteem, household chores/responsibility; what other roles do family members play).
6. Role Strain (describe the potential sources for role strain that may occur in the mother, father, oldest child, the siblings, and the grandparent(s)
7. Communication (describe how the family members speak to each other/tone & loudness, how they state their needs and feelings to each other, how are problems solved; are there certain topics that are not discussed).
8. Discipline (describe the type of discipline most consistently used, which parent is responsible for implementing the discipline)
9. Potential Problems (identify and describe the areas of concerns for the family units; make sure you look at each member individually and then the family as a unit. 

10. What rituals/traditions are practiced by the family members (obligatory behavior, holiday practices, family gatherings, food functions).
11. End with a summary of the family’s strengths and weaknesses and the family’s goals for the future.


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