Exercise 15 | Management homework help


Go to www.trade.gov/mas/ian/statereports. Select a state of your choice and prepare a profile of small business exporting. Review additional sites as well, for example, websites sponsored by your state’s commerce and/or economic development departments. When looking at government sites, you may see the term small- and medium-sized businesses or something similar. They are simply referring to businesses with fewer than five hundred employees. This is the small business group for your purposes.  Write a brief overview of your findings.

Exercise Instructions:  You are required to submit a 2-Page (Title Page and Content Page), APA formatted paper with substantial content. Substantial content requires staying on topic and fully addresses the assignment in a clear, concise, and meaningful manner. The deliverable length of your posting responses must be at least 2-pages, (Title Page and Content Page) APA format.

Exercises must be the students original thoughts based on the topics from the “Open Educational Resource” (OER) Course Textbook and/or other referenced sources.  Direct quotes from references must be less than 20 words.  Please review for sentence structure, grammar and punctuation errors.  Plagiarized submissions may result in a “0” for the submission.  

Late submissions will be deducted 5 points.

All assignment(s) derive from the OER Textbook.  For academic purposes, at least 1 APA formatted reference is required pertaining to the topic(s).