Excel_2e_plants | Computer Science homework help




Open   the Excel workbook Student_Excel_2E_Plants.xlsx   downloded with this project.

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To the right of column B, insert   two new columns to create new blank columns C and D. By using Flash Fill in   the two new columns, split the data in column B into a column for Item # in   column C and Category in column D. As necessary, type Item # as the column title in column C   and Category   as the column   title in column D. Delete column B.



By using the Cut and Paste   commands, cut column C—Category—and   paste it to column H, and then delete the empty column C. Apply AutoFit to   columns A:G.


In cell B4, insert a function to   calculate the Total Items in Stock by summing the Quantity in Stock data, and   then apply Comma style with zero decimal places to the result.


In each cell in the range B5:B8,   insert functions to calculate the Average, Median, Lowest, and Highest retail   prices, and then apply the Accounting Number Format to each result.


Move the range A4:B8 to the   range D4:E8, apply the 40% – Accent4 cell style to the range, and then select   columns D:E and AutoFit.