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Remember there is a minimum of 350+ words for your essay. Not including the title, etc.


After reading the attached Lesson-7-Color-relationship.pdf explain optical color mixing (Pointillism) in relationship to George Seurat painting A Study on La Grande Jatte. 

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After watching the video “The art historical analysis of the painting by Goya ” The Third of May” discuss the following:

1 Formal Properties

2 Subject Matter

3 Historical Context

The video link

Using only examples from the text describe the artistic goals and development of Cubism.


After watching the video “Italian Futurism: Boisterous, right-wing and prescient” explain with examples why it was revolutionary. 

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After watching the entire BBC documentary Picasso’s Guernica “The Power of Art”- discuss how Picasso used art as a way of documenting his feelings toward his Spanish heritage and the destruction of the small Basque town of Guernica. Does the film represent what is happening in the world today? Explain. 

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After watching the video “Dali Atomicus: Phillipe Halsman & Salvador Dali’s Photography” discuss the relationship between the two Artist. How did the photograph by Philippe Halsman change portrait photography? In a world before Photoshop, it took the ingenuity of Salvador Dali and photographer Philippe Halsman—plus some deft cat-throwing—to produce this gravity-defying scene. 

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After watching the video “Early Feminism / Fierce Women in Art” discuss the Guerrilla Girls and other inspirational artists. What were their goals and aspirations? 

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After watching the video “The Case for Minimalism” these three statements:

1 You’ve probably seen a few cubes sitting in an art gallery and questioned why they were there.

2 How could cubes be important?

3 How did we get here? This is the case for Minimalism.

4 Give examples from the video or the text.

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