Engineering assignment | Civil Engineering homework help

Read Books I and II of De Architectura by Vitruvius. (ATTACHED BELOW) Then answer the following questions: 

a. What disciplines should an architect study and why? 

b. What types of clay did Vitruvius describe and which ones were best for making bricks? 

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c. What methods are recommended to minimize drying shrinkage of bricks? 

d. What types of bricks did Vitruvius mention? 

e. What types of sand did Vitruvius identify: by color; and by source? 

f. What “tests” does Vitruvius recommend to identify sands of better quality? What would be the equivalent tests we use today? 

g. What is Vitruvius’ recommended mix design for mortar (lime based)?

h. How does Vitruvius describe soils in terms of gradation (grain size distribution)? What would be the equivalent descriptions today?

i. What is Pozzolana? 

j. What “qualities” or properties of stone are described by Vitruvius? 

k. What test is recommended for durability of stone?

l. Do you agree with Vitruvius regarding the disciplines and skills civil engineers or architects should possess? Why or why not. 

Your answers are due in hard copy and your OWN HANDWRITING. Note some questions require you to explain why, or why not – make sure to give complete answers.