Documentation research responses with academic writing


Assessment – Research Task – Academic Writing (around 1800 words) For this assessment, you will need to: 

1. Research Task 1: Discuss the importance of early childhood theory and child development in documentation, planning and assessment of young children. 

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2. Research Task 2: Examine the importance of play-based pedagogy on young children’s learning and development. Remember to: – Use 7th APA Referencing. – Read the readings for week one and week two and write two short pieces of academic writing in response to each research question – Your assessment should show evidence that you have read widely on the topic beyond the supplied readings and texts. – Contributions should have a short introduction, a body and a short conclusion – All contributions should be referenced to relevant readings and research and be professionally written You may structure your Research Task as Follows: – 

Research Task 1: 50-word introduction 400-word body 100-word conclusion – Research Task 2: 50-word introduction 400-word body 100-word conclusion – References List: Must be using some references which provided. 1. Child Development (Berk, 2003) 2. Arthur, L., Beecher, B., Death, E., Dockett, S., & Farmer, S. (2018). Programming and planning in early childhood settings (7th ed.) Cengage Learning Australia. (Chapter 1). 3. Beloglovsky, M., & Daly, L. (2015). Early learning theories made visible. Redleaf Press. (Part 5). 4. Garvis, S., Phillipson, S., Clarke, S., Harrison, L., McCormack, J., & Pendergast, D. (2019). Child development and learning. Oxford University Press. 5. Nolan, A., & Raban, B. (2015). Theories into practice: Understanding and rethinking our work with young children. Teaching Solutions. (Chapter 1). 6. Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the Council of Australian Governments. (2010). Educators belonging, being and becoming: Educators guide to the early years learning framework for Australia. (p.11& pp. 56-150). 7. Kennedy, A. (2012). What have theories got to do with it? NQS PLP e-Newsletter (31). And some pdf files which attached Must be put in-text referencing for every paragraph (important requirement).