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1)”Connecting Strategically with BCBSF’s Employee” states that “there’s nothing like successfully tying communication to achieving results [as one way] to institutionalize communication behaviors.” Referencing the module readings, evaluate this statement in 150-200 words.

2)In the medical unit of the Northeastern Medical Center, Leah Hernandez is an insuranceclaims specialist who works with one nurse, one certified nursing assistant, and one medicalassistant/receptionist. The physician and administrator are located in a separate building of themedical center. The administrator, Dan Jules, spends 3 hours a day in the clinic, from 9 to 10:30every morning, and 2 to 3:30 every afternoon. He never varies the times that he is in the clinic.One morning at 9 AM, Dan was in the clinic with nurse Kate Williams, addressing the concernsof the patient in room 2, when the phone rang. A second phone line rang a few seconds later, andthis was followed by a third line ringing. The nursing assistant was in room 1 with the physician,and the medical assistant was in room 3 with another patient. The only available staff member toanswer the phone was Leah, who was holding on the line with an insurance company. She yelled,“Anybody? Somebody, pick up the phone already! It’s driving me crazy!” Everyone in the clinic,including the patients, heard her shouting. Nurse Kate rolled her eyes and told Dan that it waslike this every day. Dan excused himself and rushed into the reception area to pick up the phone.Later on, Dan asked Leah why she couldn’t pick up the phone. Leah answered, “It’s not my job.I’m too busy with the insurance company.”DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1.What should Dan do to address the problem?2.Should Dan meet with Leah individually or communicate with all staff?3.Because Dan works in a different building, who should have communicated this ongoing prob-lem to Dan?

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3)Comfort Zone is a 60-bed, for-profit intermediate care facility in northern California. The reha-bilitative department manager, Jamie Richards, has been working at Comfort Zone for only 6months. She holds monthly staff meetings, as well as additional individual meetings with staff toaddress specific patient-related issues. On most days, she eats lunch in a quiet corner of the cafe-teria so that she can catch up on her paperwork at the same time.Catherine Williams, one of her staff members who has been working at the facility for morethan 25 years, spotted her in the cafeteria one day and sat down uninvited. Catherine has neverattended any of the monthly meetings and always has an excuse for not attending. Catherinesaid, “I’ve been waiting to tell you this ever since you began working here, but I wanted you to getadjusted first. Now we can finally talk. I have been here for a long time and have seen all kinds ofcomings and goings.”Catherine proceeded to tell Jamie about her staff who were constantly tardy or absent. Shealso told Jamie about the things the staff had been doing behind her back, such as using the Inter-net for personal matters, going shopping during lunch hour and coming back late, and going homeearly without permission. Catherine concluded with, “At your monthly meetings, the staff show LACECOMMUNICATIONup to tell you that everything’s just fine, when I know differently. I’m too busy working to attendthese meetings. If you want my opinion, I would fire them all since they are incompetent.”DISCUSSION QUESTIONS1.How should Jamie deal with the information that Catherine provided?2.What do you think of Jamie’s methods of communicating with her staff?3.Do you think that she should use a different form of communication with Catherine?.

4)Watch this short video on communication breakdown and share your thoughts :