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Respond to the attached, what was the intended significance of the Eiffel Tower? Whydid the monument stir some controversy? 50 words Document Preview:

For the Parisians of 1889 the Eiffel Tower stood as a ridiculous eyesore and this was because many of the eminent Parisians of that particular period were familiar to the marvelous paintings of the French maestros and they were much more familiar with the soft side of art with dazzling colors blended with tremendous aesthetic value. And to them the Eiffel Tower seemed to be a monstrous black chimney erected out of iron that was anything but an artistic creation. In this contemporary period the Statue of Liberty, in my opinion, can be considered as such a masterpiece of artistic creation that not only acts as a source of pride for the American citizens but also represents the idea of liberty, freedom, and enlightenment. And due to these representations I like the monument so much. (135 words) References Ritu (2010, August 29). Once An Eyesore, Now An Eye Candy! – Knowledge Hub.Knowledge Hub – Creating Awareness. Retrieved September 4, 2012, from http://www.knowledgehub.co.in/2010/08/eiffel-tower-interesting-facts.html


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