Discuss The Value Of Integrating An Order Entry System With Pharmacy And Diagnostic 3268807

Discuss the value of integrating an order-entry system with pharmacy and diagnostic service systems. You should answer this question with the benefits of integrating the order entry system with pharmacy and diagnostic imaging. You can do this from a business perspective which would be very good and give a good business case for this integration. You can also give a financial perspective on this as well. Some things you may want to discuss is communication between departments, speed of the system, and the user benefits. You should also review this from a patient perspective in regards to quality and satisfaction. Dear data needs to be supported
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Assignment 2 You are the new chief executive officer (CEO) of a rural health care clinic serving a population of approximately 500 residents. The clinic has not yielded a positive return in over 5 years and operates on a minimum budget. You need start digitizing and electronically store a plethora of medical records. Focus your discussion on the following:
Discuss which mobile storage device you would select as the most appropriate to achieve this task. For this task, you have to remember that your hospital is not making a profit and you have very little money you spend. Need to look at different types of storage options such may be affordable for this hospital. Some of these options may include outdated magnetic storage, cloud storage, types of hard drives, servers etc. You should give some examples of which one will be best for your hospital and why. Your data needs to be supported



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