Db 8 | Psycology 2070 | Prince George’s Community College

 ASSIGNMENT 2: Brochure on Successful Aging  

You have been approached by a local community organization to develop a brochure on successful aging.  Think about four key areas you would include in the brochure that you will create.  For example, what does it mean to age successfully? Are perceptions of successful aging the same for everyone? Explain. What are some characteristics of successful agers.  What resources and social supports do elders need to age successfully? What strategies can improve health status and fitness in older adults.

NOTE:Your brochure should be created in Word and attached as a file in the DB. Include pictures, use bullets, and be creative.


Assignment: Public Mourning: How Does Society Mourn the Loss of Public Figures? 

Identify a public figure whose death you remember. Give some background on this individual. This individual can be a politician, religious leader, entertainer, or other prominent individual.

  1. Describe the public mourning ritual that surrounded this person’s death.
  2. Do you have flashbulb memories— very clear, detailed memories—of the time, place, and circumstances of the death.
  3. Did the public figure’s image change after death?
  4. How is the anniversary of the death memorialized?
  5. Were you surprised at the depth of your grief or the grief of others at the loss of the public figure? Why or why not?

NOTE: This summary should be at least 2 paragraph.