Cyclemaxusa llc policies please develop a policy memo with the


CycleMaxUSA LLC Policies 

Please develop a policy memo with the following topics with description. Please provide form for employees to sign, acknowledge receipt they have read and understand policies.


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Policy takes affect January 1st, 2018

– Smoking is only to be conducted in designated areas.

– All employees must clock out EVERY TIME for anything related to personal use, unless it will take 5 min or less. to include to take smoke break.

– Employees will park in employee parking designated by the owner.

– Mandatory 30 min lunch break, (2) 15 min smoke breaks

– No drug use on/in premises

– All tasks WILL be completed when assigned

– Trash will be taken out daily before close of business.

– Employee work area to be picked up before close of business

– Unless Authorized, no employee to be late more than 15 min to work.

Any policies not followed can result in employment termination.