Covid reflection | English homework help

Please first read this article, and then be sure to discuss the following questions in your discussion:

(Questions are proposed to students working on a COVID19 board at a respective university all questions are “what if” and have no right or wrong answer) 

 • Briefly discuss the incident (no more than a short paragraph; the person reviewing your reflection already has the incident details).

 • As the article described, “Everything is a choice and they’re all mine to make and to live with”. How did you make the decisions in violating the COVID-19 regulations and the Code of Student Conduct and why? 

 • What was the impact of the incident? Please consider how it affected:  You, Others involved, The university community, The College Park community (esp. communities that are heavily affected by the pandemic) Society as a whole 

• If everyone acted in the way that you did in this scenario, what would happen in terms of the pandemic? 

• The article mentions different risk levels for specific activities. Thinking about the activities you may engage in on a daily basis, what risk categories do these activities fall in? If possible, can you make these activities safer? Explain in detail how you will go about making these safer. Are there any activities you need to avoid all together? Which ones if any, and why? 

• For the upcoming semester/year, what are you committed to do to restore the harm that was caused in the community due to your actions in the incident?

 • Reflect on what you have learned from the experience. How will this incident impact your actions and goals moving forward?