Complete excel statistics assignment | Statistics homework help

Hello everyone,

This assignment requires knowledge of statistics and excel software.

It is due within 8 hours from the time you’ve accepted the assignment.

Complete all the problems in the excel file. 

There are 5 tabs with problems: Basics/Discrete/Normal/Confidence/Hypothesis Testing (you are to complete all problems within these tabs)

You must use excel formulas to get your answers

When a problem requires you to insert a chart or graph make sure that the details are correct. For example: a line chart means exactly a line chart. On a graph make sure the red portion is actually red.

This assignment takes no longer than an hour and possibly done in 30 minutes since you already have experience with excel. 

The worksheet must be complete (except for cover sheet tab) and Excel functions must be used to sort and perform regression. Conclusions for future performance are to be complete and logical. Proficiency in Excel must be demonstrated. That being said don’t make it too fancy.

Due date: Today (Within 8 hours from the time you’ve accepted the assignment)