Collaborative cultural perspectives project: content the following



The following content should be included in the final project:

  • Introduction
  • Attitudes towards dying (i.e., who makes end of life decisions, how do they view dying, suffering, role of the individual, role of family, trust or mistrust issues in health care, etc.)
  • Death rituals (e.g., burial, cremation, funerals, etc.).
  • Bereavement/Grief (i.e., what does the literature indicate specifically about the culture/religious group selected; is there a mourning period, bereavement tasks they need to complete, rituals, etc.)
  • Conclusion

about: death, “Dying”


  • Use footnotes for references OR APA for in-text citations and a reference page
  • Cite images
  • Use of headings to enhance organization
  • Page numbers
  • Single-spaced
  • Title page with names of group members (be creative with the title page)

Word count
The minimum word count minimum is 2200 words; please do not exceed 3000 words. Do not inadvertently count the reference page as part of your minimum word count.

There should be an adequate use of peer-reviewed journals and other relevant academic sources (academic books). Information should be utilized from vetted sources. At a minimum, use at least six scholarly sources. In addition, you may use online resources; do not forget to vet your online sources.

Examples of scholarly sources:

  • Peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Books published by an academic press
  • Books published by experts in the field
  • Textbooks

Please do not use the following types of online resources for this assignment:

  • Personal websites/blogs
  • Wikipedia

Critical thinking is an essential part of making the decision on whether information is credible, accurate, and relevant.

Optional Resource: Currency, Relevance, Authority, and Purpose (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Reminder: Librarians are more than happy to assist you with locating scholarly sources. Librarians are underutilized; consulting with a librarian can definitely save time.