Choosing appropriate graphics | Applied Sciences homework help

Application Activity Week 8 – Choosing Appropriate Graphics

Select 5 of the 8 scenarios and create the best graphic (figures and tables) for presenting the information in the situations below. Identify each graphic by the scenario number. You may create the graphics in Excel and copy and paste into a single Word document. Save the document as a PDF to prevent formatting issues . 

*You must use a different graphic from chapter 8 for each situation.


  1. Orlando submitted his quarterly report to his supervisor covering his monthly product sales:
    • October: $8,300
    • November: $7,900
    • December:        $9,200
  2. Helena used a pedometer to compare the number of miles she walked during a work week in the field to the miles she walked during her vacation while sightseeing.

Work Week:

  • May 25, 1.3
  • May 26, 1.0
  • May 27, 2.7
  • May 28, 1.6
  • May 29, 2.5

Vacation Week:

  • June 1, 0.6
  • June 2, 1.2
  • June 3, 0.9
  • June 4, 1.4
  • June 5, 2.0
  1. Denver submitted a report to his work study committee to account for the $1,250 stipend they gave him for his first month of college:
  • $850 books and educational supplies
  • $65 snacks and pizza
  • $210 Dorm accessories (rug, poster, bedding)
  • $46 entertainment
  • $40 parking fine
  • $39 unspent funds
  1. Cheyenne, head cashier for a local nursery, must show her co-workers the procedure for gaining approval for a customer check over $300: Inform the customer about store policy, verify the identity of the customer with a photo ID, ensure that the information on the check is correct, get two phone numbers from the customer, write your initials on the check, call the manager to approve the check.
  2. Lincoln’s supervisor delegated the task of training new employees where in the storage room standard supplies are located. The following items are the common supplies employees need to quickly find: copy paper, printer ink, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies and trash bags.
  3. Madison is designing a xeriscape brochure for her residential customers. She wants to show her customers the benefits of using xeriscape landscaping.
  4. Phoenix is giving a PowerPoint presentation on the growth of fish farms in his state. Five years ago, there were 120 farms; four years ago, 200 farms; three years ago, 250 farms; two years ago, 350 farms; and now there are 560 farms. He needs an attractive opening slide.
  5. Olympia is considering where to submit a job application after graduation. She is comparing job salary as one of her factors, and wants to visualize the comparison to help her with her decision.

Agriculture pilot (crop duster) $40,000

Regional airline pilot $60,000

Corporate pilot $45,000

Military pilot (2LT) $45,000