child and elder abuse prevention

  Those who are most at risk for violence and abuse are those who are most vulnerable.  This includes children and elders who are often unable to speak up or defend themselves.  Thus, it is important for those who can take action to do so. 

As a population and as an individual, what can be done to prevent child and elder abuse?   

Fpsy 8910/6910 final project | Psychology homework help

In 2–4 pages, develop a comprehensive outline of your Final Project in which you do the following:

  • Make a list of the topics/concepts that you plan to include in your Final Project, and put these in order according to which topics you will present first. Keep in mind that you might make changes while doing so.
  • Construct brief sentences to describe the topic/concept and include in-text reference citation(s) to identify the source(s) that you used for that topic/concept.

One page report | Human Resource Management homework help


 read the page that is linked and then do 





  • why does HRM represent one of the major challenges faced by foregin companies entering the chinese market ?
  • what are the  main issues expat managers generally face ?
  • why dont foreign companies simply hire local staff instead of reaching out for  foreign  managers?
  • what advice would you give companies such as maersk on their human resource management policles ?





Aintroduction : strat with a general introduction about the case study and the main problem / issue presented in the case study 

B- BODY   answer the case study questions  that are listed with clear demonstration of your analysis 


C- CONCLUSION give a brief recap of the analysos ( case study 

Discussion: mental health and substance abuse as illness | SOCW 6351 – Social Policy, Welfare, and Change | Walden University


Imagine these two scenarios:

First, a man stumbles out of a bar, speaking loudly, trying to gain the attention of passersby by putting his arm around them to start a conversation, or remarking on the dress of another passerby.

Second, a man stands outside the public library asking for money. He seems to be talking to himself.

Now, replay each scenario in your mind and change the details of the subject (e.g., white, black, male, female, varied clothing). How would others nearby react? Would the police be called—or not called—in any of these variations? Would the individual be ignored, tolerated, or asked to leave?

In this Discussion, you extend this type of thinking by examining perceptions related to mental health and substance use as an illness and how that may affect policy and treatment.

Then Post a response to the following:

  • To what degree does the perception of substance use as a crime versus an illness affect policy designed to reduce substance use?
  • To what degree do perceptions of mental health and substance abuse affect treatment services?
  • How do perceptions of vulnerable and disenfranchised populations affect the choice to treat or incarcerate individuals with mental health or substance use issues? 

Case study 12 | Management homework help

1) Summarize Hershey Company case study into 4 paragraphs. 

Do all 3 questions on pg 505

– Should Hershey be held ethically responsible for child labor conditions in the West African cocoa communities?

– If it is not possible for Hershey to gain control of their supply chain for a required raw material (cocoa beans) in the final product, what are its alternatives?

– In your opinion, is Hershey doing enough in terms of corporate social responsibility, given that the company is lagging behind competitors? If not, what could they do to improve?

2) Write your thoughts on “Earth in the Balance” into a paragraph (150 words)

Module 03 discussion – what would you do?


Consider the scenario below, then follow the instructions underneath it to complete the discussion. If appropriate, support your position with credible resources/examples/evidence and provide APA references.

Mr. D

Mr. D is a 90-year-old man who was admitted to the hospital with complaints of nausea, vomiting, left arm pain, and chest pain. An electrocardiogram (ECG) is performed, and he is diagnosed as having a myocardial infarction. Mr. D has a long history of comorbidities including hypertension, diabetes, and congestive heart failure (CHF). With this in mind, the physician asks Mr. D if he wants life-sustaining measures taken (e.g., CPR, mechanical ventilation, etc.) should he experience cardiopulmonary arrest. Mr. D tells the physician that he wants all measures taken to save his life.

Imagine that you are the nurse assigned to provide care to Mr. D, and address the following:

  1. Considering Mr. D’s advanced age, what are the benefits/risks associated with providing life-sustaining measures?
  2. What factors should you consider based on the Mr. D’s age and health history?
  3. If Mr. D were your family member, how would you respond to his decision?

Macro, social and psychological reasons for citizen participation

identify and explain the macro, social and psychological reasons for citizen participation. What kind of things of activities can organizations engage in that can help uplift citizen participation? What kind of leadership actions can they take?

Finally, reflecting on the initial theories on participatory democracy and transformative leadership discussed earlier in the semester, give me two recommendations that the authors of the book are not discussing.

List all web resources and referenced materials that were used. You must use the APA citation style format in listing references used and in parenthetical citations.

Stats random problems | Numerical analysis homework help

Willow Brook National Bank operates a drive-up teller window that allows customers to complete bank transactions without getting out of their cars. On weekday mornings, arrivals to the drive-up teller window occur at random, with an arrival rate of 24 customers per hour or 0.4 customers per minute.

a. What is the mean or expected number of customers that will arrive in a five-minute period? 

b. Assume that the Poisson probability distribution can be used to describe the arrival process. Use the arrival rate in part (a) and compute the probabilities that exactly 0, 1, 2, and 3 customers will arrive during a five-minute period. 

c. Delays are expected if more than three customers arrive during any five-minute period. What is the probability that delays will occur?

In the Willow Brook National Bank waiting line system (see Problem 1), assume that the service times for the drive-up teller follow an exponential probability distribution with a service rate of 36 customers per hour, or 0.6 customer per minute. Use the exponential probability distribution to answer the following questions: 
a. What is the probability the service time is one minute or less? 
b. What is the probability the service time is two minutes or less? 
c. What is the probability the service time is more than two minutes? 

For the Burger Dome single-channel waiting line in Section 11.2, assume that the arrival rate is increased to 1 customer per minute and that the service rate is increased to 1.25 customers per minute. Compute the following operating characteristics for the new system: P 0 , L q , L , W q , W , and P w . 
Does this system provide better or poorer service compared to the original system? 
Discuss any differences and the reason for these differences. 

Consider the PortaCom project discussed in Section 12.1. 
a. An engineer on the product development team believes that first-year sales for the new printer will be 20,000 units. Using estimates of $45 per unit for the direct labor cost and $90 per unit for the parts cost, what is the first-year profit using the engineer’s sales estimate? 
b. The financial analyst on the product development team is more conservative, indicating that parts cost may well be $100 per unit. In addition, the analyst suggests that a sales volume of 10,000 units is more realistic. Using the most likely value of $45 per unit for the direct labor cost, what is the first-year profit using the financial analysts estimates? 
c. Why is the simulation approach to risk analysis preferable to generating a variety of what-if scenarios such as those suggested by the engineer and the financial analyst?

Baseball’s World Series is a maximum of seven games, with the winner being the first team to win four games. Assume that the Atlanta Braves are in the World Series and that the first two games are to be played in Atlanta, the next three games at the opponent’s ballpark, and the last two games, if necessary, back in Atlanta. Taking into account the projected starting pitchers for each game and the home field advantage, the probabilities of Atlanta winning each game are as follows: 

Game 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Probability of Win 0.60 0.55 0.48 0.45 0.48 0.55 0.50

a. Set up random number intervals that can be used to determine the winner of each game. Let the smaller random numbers indicate that Atlanta wins the game. For example, the random number interval “0.00 but less than 0.60” corresponds to Atlanta winning game 1. 
b. Use the random numbers in column 6 of Table 12.2 beginning with 0.3813 to simulate the playing of the World Series. Do the Atlanta Braves win the series? How many games are played? 
c. Discuss how repeated simulation trials could be used to estimate the overall probability of Atlanta winning the series as well as the most likely number of games in the series. 

Final project bibliography checklist | Psychology homework help


The Topic of my Research Proposal Project that needs to be focused on is What can be done to help women rebuild trust after overcoming domestic violence?

Journal 8.1 | Philosophy homework help

Explain Plato’s Utopian vision for a just society. In your view, what would be some of the beneficial or harmful effects of a society based solely on merit, as Plato proposed?


1-2 paragraphs minimum. The book must be referenced and will be included below. This assignment will be submitted through safe assign, with no plagiarism. Please attach the plagiarism report along with the assignment.

Reference: Vaughn, L. (2022). Philosophy here and now: Powerful ideas in everyday life. Oxford University Press.