Case study 2 diverstiy | Human Resource Management homework help


1 Page APA


Case Study 2: The Cracker Barrel Restaurant (P. 234 in the required textbook) — Answer all questions. This document is to be in American Psychological Association (APA) format. NO Q&A format, include level headings Overview Question One Question Two Question Three & Debriefing.

Discussion Questions

  1. How could Cracker Barrel’s policy statement have been well intentioned?
  2. What benefits did Cracker Barrel achieve by ridding itself of lesbian and gay employees? What were the disadvantages?
  3. How should the perceived values of a customer base affect companies’ personnel policies? In a large national corporation, should personnel policies be uniform across all operating units or should they be tailored by region according to local mores?

Your report for solving the case must include the following headings:

  • Overview — Summarizing the case scenario and identifying all the problems, issues, constraints, related to the case.
  • Discussion Questions — Answering all the questions.
  • Debriefing — Reflecting your thoughts, opinions, and solutions based on the case.