Case 2.3 imax: expansion in bric economies

The paper has to be 2 pages long and it has to be done in the next 16 hours from the time posted. It is based on answering the following questions:

  1. What competitive advantages underlie the success of IMAX? Are these sustainable?
  2. What motivates IMAX to expand internationally into emerging economies, such as the BRIC countries?
  3. How would you evaluate IMAX’s international expansion to date?
  4. If 400 of the remaining 1,550 screens are to be allocated to the BRIC economies, how would you distribute them by country? Within each country, how would you distribute them among cities?
  5. Identify key business risks in international expansion to the BRIC economies. How should IMAX address these business risks?

Pics of the case will be provided below