Capsim simulation game presentation. ol 421 midway company

five-to six-slide Power Point presentation


Use bullet points, graphs,

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charts, and relevant images in the slides. Further, since you will not actually be giving this presentation in person, use the notes section

to write out what you would say if you were.

This assignment is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding

of your Capsim company.

Use the checklist below to guide the development of your


Articulate the progression of the Capsim company in a well

-organized and clear manner.

Appropriately synthesize information, organize the data logically, and

present findings in an effective and efficient manner.

Use innovative and creative methods that are reflective of your Capsim company. Remember that you are seeking to quickly update your company’s

board of directors, so knowing your audience and tailoring your message to the audience is crucial. Present and organize the information in a way that is

appropriate and relevant for the intended audience.

Create a professional presentation that adheres to the principles of an effective presentation (below) while properly citing all relevant sources.