Big short | Philosophy homework help

The movie is a great way to learn about the collapse of financial system in 2007 and how this financial crisis led to 2008 Great Recession.

For this extra credit discussion you will need to watch the “Big Short” movie (Links to an external site.) and answer some questions. You can rent/buy the movie or get it from your public library ($2.99 on youtube). Please note that the movie is R rated for some language and a few nudity scenes. If you prefer to watch a ‘clean’ version, here is the link to the website (Links to an external site.) that allows you to do that. 


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For your initial discussion post, please answer the following questions (3 points max) – Due Nov 28

  1. How did the filmmakers explain Wall Street collapse of 2007-2008?
  2. Where, or on whom, does the movie place blame for the events leading up to the crash?
  3. What are the rating agencies and what role did they play in the financial crisis?
  4. Why did some outsiders foresee what would happen with the subprimes while neither the heads of the large financial firms nor government regulators saw what was coming?
  5. What happen to those responsible for the financial crisis?
  6. What was your favorite part of the movie? Who was your favorite character?
  7. How good of a job, in your opinion, filmmakers did explaining financial crisis?
  8. What do you wish they explained more? What do you still not understand and would love to know more about?

For your comment, please help your classmates understand what they still haven’t understood from the movie (2 points) – Due Dec 1 

Create a dialogue and make a personal connection.