Assign 1 ct | Psychology homework help

This week, you begin the process of learning how to conduct a literature review, starting with perhaps one of the least accurate sources, the popular news media. By the time a research study is broken down by the media and presented to the general public many of the weaknesses are often left out. You will get a better feel for this issue throughout this course, but for this week, you start with this area of information dissemination.

To prepare for this assignment:

·  Review Chapter 2 in your course text, Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. Focus on the guidelines for conducting an effective literature search.

·  Think about how to search and locate research articles applicable to forensic psychology.

·  Select a single topic that exemplifies the application of psychological research in forensic psychology.

·  Research this topic and review three news articles you found related to the application of research in forensic psychology.

·  Think about any possible flaws in the articles and why you believe they are flaws.

The assignment (2–3 pages):

·  Briefly describe three news articles you selected (past or current) on a single topic in forensic psychology that you find most interesting.

·  Briefly explain the search terms (keywords) you used.

·  Describe any flaws you discovered in the articles.

·  Then, explain your reasons for identifying the flaws you discovered.!/4/[email protected]:0.125