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Research Article Review (Individual Assignment). Students will read and critically review the article listed below and provide a detail assessment of the articles (10 pages). Students must use the course readings to shape their analysis and are encouraged to use outside sources to further strengthen their arguments. For the article students must provide no less than 10 pages typed (double-spaced, font size-12).  25pts Remember this is neither an opinion paper nor a summary.


Article: “Black Fists and Fool’s Gold: The 1960s Black Athletic Revolt Reconsidered” the LeBron James Decision and Self-Determination in Post-Racial America


˜      Introduction:

o   Review of Article (include the following)

§  For each article tell the Author(s) and (year of research). Do not tell the article title in the body of the paper.

§  Tell the major question the researcher(s) sought to answer, their sample, the method(s) they used.

§  Briefly describe their instruments (questionnaires, content analysis, etc.)

§  Then tell the findings and discuss the implications of those findings.

§  Tell what important questions remain unanswered.

o   Thesis/Focus or Central Argument (last sentence in first paragraph)


˜      Body Paragraphs:

o   Introduce major claims that support your thesis or central argument

o   Provide examples/illustrations from the article that support your claim

o   Discuss implications of your claim


˜      Conclusion:

o   Summarize your major claims and draw your final conclusions


˜      Review:

o   Review your paper.

o   Remember to proofread.

o   Remember to properly cite all quotes and sources (MLA, APA, etc.)

o   Don’t forget your works cited page ( -1 points if you fail to include)