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In this module, we looked at a variety of styles in the Renaissance in Italy.  Artists like Botticelli, Bellini, Michelangelo, and Bronzino all incorporated Renaissance characteristics into their works, and yet their works look different from each other.  

To address form and content in the artistic developments and trends that took place in the Renaissance, look closely at examples from each of these artists. 

  • Choose one painting by one of the artists listed above, and identify characteristics and techniques of the Renaissance style. 
  • Then, address how the work departed from typical Renaissance formulas to become signature to that artist’s particular style.
  • Finally, why did you select this artist?  What draws you to their work?  

Respond to another student

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  • Read everyone else’s initial posting.
  • Choose at least 1 other student’s work to respond.
  • Write at least 4 sentences commenting on the aspect of their discussion.
  • Feel free to continue the conversation and ask questions too.
  • You must complete all parts of this assignment to receive credit.

(Minimum initial posting 150 words, response 50 words; 25 points)