Agency and ethics | Management homework help


The following is taken from the “Ethical Questions” section of Chapter 25:

Devin Fink was the manager of Precision Tune Auto Care in Charlotte, North Carolina. Randall Stywall brought her car to the shop to have its rear shocks replaced. Fink filled out the service order, which included a cost estimate. Later, Stywall returned for her car, and Fink collected payment for the repair work. When Stywall started to drive away, however, the car performed as if the shocks had not been replaced. A complaint to Precision’s corporate office resulted in the discovery that, in fact, the repair work had not been done and that Fink had kept Stywall’s payment. Fink was charged with larceny against his employer. Fink argued that he had not committed this crime because Stywall was the victim, not Precision. Which agency principles support the larceny charge against Fink? What does Fink’s defense suggest about his ethics? Explain.Discuss the issues related to agency principles and ethics with your peers.