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 Assignment Details

Smartphones, the Internet, and rapid advancement of technology have come to influence all aspects of people’s daily lives. However, as with any advancement in technology, there are always those who will misuse this technology for their own purposes—criminal and abusive. In fact, the developer of the ILOVEYOU worm, one of the most destructive computer viruses in history, faced no legal penalty in his nation because at the time, what he did was not a crime. This is but one example of many in which the law has been unable to keep pace with technology. In this activity, you are tasked with conducting independent research to identify specific legal concerns and issues associated with technology. In your independent research, you must locate 1 example reflecting crime and 1 issue reflecting a constitutional issue.

You may refer to the following for inspiration:

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Complete the following for this assignment:

  1. Conduct independent research on legal and constitutional issues associated with technology.  
  2. Identify and summarize 1 issue discussing the relationship between technology and crime, with a clear identification of how the law has not kept pace with technology.  
  3. Identify and summarize 1 issue discussing the relationship between technology and criminal justice, with a clear identification and discussion on the associated constitutional issues relating to technology.  
  4. Include no fewer than 2 scholarly resources, 2 nonscholarly resources, and 1 legal case. 


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