343 | Computer Science homework help


GPUs have many new applications in AI, especially ML/DL.

Watch the videos in this series and write a report (min 2-3 pages) on what is possible using Sagemaker, the pinnacle tool by AWS to automate many aspects of ML development. Report should include just 1 page on GPU and their impact on AI plus:

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1. List and describe 5 great applications of AI that solve every day problems (table few sentences each with ref links).Select your favorite and include a figure/caption with content description of how it could be implemented with ML/DL using AWS Sagemaker (min 1-2 pages).

2. IEEE format

3. Single Spaced

4. Figures: 2 and Tables: 2 (total 4)

5. Reference min 5 cited in text

Amazon SageMaker: Simplifying Machine Learning Application Development
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